What is a Conservative?

By Steve McCoy, New Patriot PAC Staff Writer

During my lifetime, I have witnessed a number of presidential elections. They could be characterized by a crescendo of criticism and barbs traded with a ferocity rivaling a domestic dispute. Then, once the election cycle ended, life would resume to the usual banter across party lines. Just as we learned name-calling in grade school, the politicians name-call across party lines. For a time, it was Hawk vs Dove. Now, the names used are Progressive vs Conservative.

Progress; What are we progressing to? Conservative; what are we trying to conserve?

Barack Obama ran for president on hope and change. In his Feb. 5th, 2008 speech he said the “Republicans are running on the politics of yesterday. And that is why our party must be the party of tomorrow.” He went on to promise jobs, unity, education, and energy independence. Progress. Change. Hope for a better future. How do you think that worked out?

Conservatives are accused of wanting to prevent change, restricting progress, they are on the “wrong side of history,” impeding the movements for justice and equality.

What is a Conservative? And does being a Conservative mean standing against change?

Let me offer you, that being Conservative is not standing against change. It is standing against the ideology that is hell bent on destroying the virtue and dignity that characterized our nations foundation. We have come to a point in history when riots, the looting and burning of cities are called by the local government and media “peaceful demonstrations.” We have come to a time when companies are censoring opposing voices while they claim to be protecting “free speech.”  We have come to a time when under the guise of a pandemic, families and churches are forbidden to gather, restaurants are closed, the sick are sentenced to isolation all in an attempt to manage a virus for the greater good, while ignoring the disastrous side effects of bankrupt families, suicides, and the increase in drug and alcohol abuse.

Being a Conservative is standing for the principles of freedom, the principles upon which the country was established. Principles that provided a system of government in which people could prosper and improve their lives. Principles established in the Constitution.

There are many today, accusing America as being established on the backs of slaves, stealing the land from the Native Americans, and anything but moral in our beginnings. They are ignoring the principles of freedom and the nation’s struggle to implement them.  A struggle in which we still find ourselves today. Principles are not rules or laws that can be enforced. Principles are the observations of how life works. Liberty, Justice, and government by consent were not new ideas. It was new that the country established these as the basis for its political system. The principle was that the government’s job was to protect the rights given to everyone by God, not a king or ruler. Protecting these God given rights is the founding principle of being a Conservative. The Progressive agenda is at work to destroy these principles.

The New Patriot Political Action Committee is not a new party entering into the political tug of war. It is based upon preserving and protecting the principles of freedom established in the Constitution. If we are to continue as a country of liberty, justice, and a government by consent, we must stand up against the growing tyranny of big government.

What does it mean to stand up? It means we take back our freedoms when we have the opportunity. It means we vote. It means we serve when we can. It means we call for an independent audit to verify the elections were fair and only legal votes were cast.

Just as the founders struggled to build the nation, it is now our time to struggle in our efforts to preserve it. This is not a Republican vs Democrat issue. There are Republicans in office who are not fighting to protect our freedoms. They have adapted a fight hard and surrender strategy and it is not acceptable. We must stand up for the principles of freedom and justice. We must take back our government.

Read the Declaration of Independence. Read the Constitution. Understand your rights. Join the struggle to help Washington State become a respected state, with honest elections, and a government that protects its people from looters, rioters, and con artists. It is not just Seattle that is dying, it is the whole state.

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Christopher Gergen

Founder / Executive Director

The New Patriot PAC is the premiere conservative PAC led by veteran political strategist, Christopher Gergen. The Culp for Governor campaign (the organization that is the genesis of the New Patriot PAC) raised and spent over $3.3 million in support of Loren Culp’s candidacy, broadcast  TV spots and radio ads, secured more individual contributors than Culp’s top Republican opponent’s combined, built a file of thousands of active, newly engaged conservative supporters across the state, utilized cutting edge technology not used in Republican Washington politics prior to 2020 and built an online community larger than the Washington State Democrat Party, Washington State Republican Party and the combined totals of all of his Republican challengers. The New Patriot PAC will be the ONLY PAC with field offices in the battleground areas with boots on the ground and the ONLY PAC running Spanish-language ads on TV and online.

The New Patriot PAC is committed to bringing people together and uniting them behind conservative values and the movement we represent.