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By Steve McCoy, New Patriot PAC Staff Writer

May 25, 2020 an American man, George Perry Floyd Jr. was killed after an arrest for allegedly passing a counterfeit $20 bill. Excessive force was used during the arrest. Between May 26 and June 8, 2020 there were ‘peaceful’ protests in 140 cites that devolved into riots. Twenty-six lives were lost. Buildings were destroyed. It was reported to be the most destructive riots in American History.[1]

Does that make any sense to you? The “Protestors” said they wanted ‘justice.’ They claimed the police across the country are targeting blacks. (Yes, Floyd was a black man, but he was an American first.) And so, they destroyed cities across the country. Is that justice??? Most of the twenty-six who lost their lives were also black. How in anyone’s world is this a good thing? How does it even approach balancing the scales of justice to correct the excessive force used against Floyd?

Erwin Lutzer writes, “the riots that ensued after the tragic murder of George Floyd by a Minnesota police officer demonstrated that, for some, the issue was not race or even police brutality. The gangs who looted the stores and shouted, “No justice, no peace!” were simply following Saul Alinksy’s dictum that race was the pretext, power was the goal. And thousands of sincere people bowed their knee to express their solidarity against racism, probably unaware of the larger destructive agenda behind the riots.”[2]

Does this trouble you? There is a destructive agenda at work to radically change America by tearing down the system of law and order and seize as must power as they can. Many behind the efforts are Cultural Marxists, and many do not deny it. The word diversity is used to fuel division as they aggressively work to cancel all opposing thought. If you are white you are expected to feel shame for the privilege you have enjoyed, as they try to prove all other groups are victims.  There is no possibility for community and collaboration across the divide they are creating.  Reconciliation is never achievable as there is no satisfactory reparation to adequately restore the victim from their injury. What remains is only hated and contempt.

It is why our police officers are being targeted. The police officers are the frontline of a law-and-order society. What do you think happens when the police are defunded? Look no further than the ‘peaceful’ protests where the police were told to stand down.

Some politically correct politicians are now proposing laws that justify theft on the basis of need? In other words, if someone needs what you have, their need justifies the theft—and somehow, it really isn’t theft. After all, they were deprived of the opportunity given to you, essentially destroying the idea of private property. Because, you see, there is no private property in Marxism.

How can a society exist with such disregard for what everyone knows to be right and wrong?

Law and order is a foundational principle of a healthy society. The US Constitution is based upon a universal design of what is right and wrong. It is called Natural Law. A law or an order describing the environment under which all people have the opportunity to flourish and prosper. It is for the good of all people. It is why law and order or Natural Law is blind to ethnicity. It is what is fair and just to all people. It cannot allow or make exceptions for one person or group above another. It is the system to which we pledge allegiance as an American. Citizens of other countries have made no commitment to our system of law and order and we cannot have the same expectations of them as we do fellow Americans. Our rules. Law and Order. No one is more equal than another.

Our first responders are the law enforcement officials across the country and they stand ready to serve and protect. And right now, across the country they are under attack. Just as the riots were not simply a response to the death of Floyd, but were designed to tear down and seize power. The proposed laws to dismantle and cripple law enforcement are designed to take power. These attacks are an assault on our society. It is an effort to destroy law and order. These proposed laws condemn all officers and do nothing to correct the misbehavior of a few.

Three such bills are now working through the House in Washington State that further cripple our law officers. If you believe in law and order, you need to voice your opposition to these.

HB 1054 says it “Establishing requirements for tactics and equipment used by peace officers.” It prohibits and restrains officers from being able to do their job. Talk to an officer and find out how they think this is going to help make you and your children more safe.   Tell your representative to oppose this here:

HB 1310 says, “Establishes standard for use of physical force by peace officers.” How are you going to measure ‘excessive force?’ Do you think the legislatures in Olympia are the ones to best determine what is excessive? This bill further undermines law enforcement. They already use the Supreme Court Case, Graham vs Conner for guidance on standards of force. Each department should determine what tactics work and should or should not be used as they follow the Supreme Court case guidelines. This is not something the representatives in Olympia are qualified to determine, most of which have never been in a situation that requires them to make a decision on the appropriate use of force to protect life and property. Tell your representative to oppose this bill here:

HB 1202 says “An act relating to addressing meaningful civil remedies for persons injured as a result of police misconduct, including by allowing for an award of attorney fees in addition to damages and injunctive declaratory relief.” This will only reward the lawyers and the insurance companies, putting every officer at risk of multiple lawsuits. Do you understand that part of the high cost of health care is due to the high cost of insurance the doctor’s must carry to protect themselves against frivolous lawsuits? This removes that protection from our law enforcement officers. Do you want to drive them all out of the state? If the police unions are protecting the misbehavior of the bad actors, the union is at fault, not the department. Oppose this bill.

For many years it has been honorable to thank a service man or woman for protecting our freedoms. It is now time for us to stand up for our freedoms. This is a very real and present danger. Contact your representatives now. Make your voice be heard.


[2] Lutzer, Erwin W.. We Will Not Be Silenced: Responding Courageously to Our Culture’s Assault on Christianity (p. 72). Harvest House Publishers. Kindle Edition.


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