Reckless Spending…Again

By Steve McCoy, New Patriot PAC Staff Writer

Multiple times, the Washington State voters have approved an initiative, sponsored by Tim Eyman, restricting car tabs to $30. And multiple times the courts have found a way to reject it.  The most recent initiative, I-976 offered some hope to counter the excessive fees imposed on drivers by the Sound Transit Authority, a regional transportation system spending money with little oversight and less restraint, and is now claiming an $11.5 Billion dollar shortfall. Of course, the shortfall is blamed in part on COVID 19.  Who could have guessed that making everyone stay home would reduce the taxes they depend on?

Washington State currently has one of the highest gas taxes in the nation. $0.494 per gallon for the state and $0.184 per gallon for federal taxes. It is reported that Rep. Jake Fey has introduced a bill to raise the state taxes to $0.674 per gallon, which would make Washington State the highest gas tax in the nation.

In a newsletter from Senator Phil Fortunato on his thoughts on the 2020 legislative session (4/22/2020), he reported “Without doing anything, revenue collections are up $1.5 billion more than expected.”[1] I can only guess how much tax revenue decreased after the state shut down businesses, putting people out of work as they tried to ‘flatten the curve’ of COVID infections. Now, they are at it again, attempting to pass a Washington State income tax under the guise of a Capital Gains tax.  “The IRS makes it clear, a capital gains tax is an income tax.”

Property taxes are on the rise. They want more money from you when you fill up your car. They want a carbon tax, which is a tax for simply being alive. And once again they are after an income tax. They shut down the state in fear of a trivial virus. (Trivial in that it has not had the deadly effects predicted and states that didn’t shut down fared better than those that did. Yes, people have died from COVID just as some do every year with the flu.) The state turned off their revenue source and instead of responsibly balancing the budget they want more money from you. Their mismanagement of our funds and shutting down the state means we must ‘pay our fair share’ and allow them to increase taxes to make up for their incompetence.  Where do they teach people how to balance your checking account? It’s really not that difficult; expenses must never exceed income.

What can you do? Contact your representatives in Olympia.

Sign the petition:

Doing nothing is a passive approval of their hands in your pocket. They really want to get into your bank account. It would simply make it easier for them.


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