Community Leader


The role of the Community Leader is a mid-leadership position responsible for all of the PAC’s efforts within a city or a town. Community Leaders report directly to the County Director.  Where a community may lay in more than one Region, the Community Leader will report directly to one Regional Director and one County Director as determined by the Executive Director.


  • Manage all PAC operations within a community
  • Organize and coordinate ground efforts to support or oppose a candidate or issue.
  • Collect, verify, and deliver contributions to the Regional Director for deposit
  • Maintain inventory or goods (signs, shirts, collateral, etc.) in a secure location, if applicable
  • Work with the County Director to organize a monthly meeting of volunteers and supporters to discuss statewide issues.



  • 1 year of management experience in the private or public sector.
  • 1 election cycle of campaign experience in a field position (rallies, door-knocking, phone calls, literature drops, etc.).
  • Solid public speaking skills.
  • Solid interpersonal skills.
  • Professional writing and communication skills.
  • Professional appearance.
  • Positive Mental Attitude (PMA).
  • At least 10 hours per week to devote PAC efforts
  • Clean criminal background history


If you believe you would be a good fit for this role please click the link below and complete the application.  Mr. Gergen will review your resume and contact you.

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Christopher Gergen

Founder / Executive Director

The New Patriot PAC is the premiere conservative PAC led by veteran political strategist, Christopher Gergen. The Culp for Governor campaign (the organization that is the genesis of the New Patriot PAC) raised and spent over $3.3 million in support of Loren Culp’s candidacy, broadcast  TV spots and radio ads, secured more individual contributors than Culp’s top Republican opponent’s combined, built a file of thousands of active, newly engaged conservative supporters across the state, utilized cutting edge technology not used in Republican Washington politics prior to 2020 and built an online community larger than the Washington State Democrat Party, Washington State Republican Party and the combined totals of all of his Republican challengers. The New Patriot PAC will be the ONLY PAC with field offices in the battleground areas with boots on the ground and the ONLY PAC running Spanish-language ads on TV and online.

The New Patriot PAC is committed to bringing people together and uniting them behind conservative values and the movement we represent.