A Word of Encouragement

By Steve McCoy, New Patriot PAC Staff Writer

We are living in precarious times. For many years it seemed we lived in a political tug of war, left verses right, each pulling on their respective ideological rope, trying to gain an advantage over the other. Effectively, each side holding the other in check.  All of a sudden, we have taken a hard left, the culture embracing the undoing of the very values and standards upon which we all stand, on which we all depend. In Seattle we watched the mayor allow the destruction of private property, as she restricted the police from performing their sworn duty to protect. The homeless, drug addicts, and the anarchists took over a portion of the city while the mayor and the governor did nothing.  The Seattle City Council then approved a plan to defund the police. John Sexton wrote, “The west coast’s progressive leaders are at war with reality and human nature. Not surprisingly, reality is winning.”[1]

In the last election cycle, Washington State Democrats picked up the seats needed to take control of the State Senate, leaving little restraint on their push to further their agenda of progressive policies. Policies that are reflected in the legislation to increase taxes, restrict gun rights, take away parental rights, combat greenhouse gasses, and further condemn us all to fear as they try to convince us they are only doing it for our good.

All kind of bad news, right? Well, I’d like to share some encouraging news with you. It is always darkest before the light.

I am not writing this out of an internal passion for politics. I am writing this because for the first time in my life, I saw a common man stand up for our rights in Loren Culp. Then I saw a movement across the state as people came together in support of a return to common-sense thinking. There is a growing resistance to the insane policies of fear and subordination.  I think there is a movement across the country in an effort to return to common-sense values. Did you know the Absolute Proof video that Mike Lindell published was viewed over 30 million times on WVW network alone?[2] I was told it was downloaded over 70 million times in 3 days. Millions of downloads as the media elite desperately tried to suppress it.

This really is a war. We are fighting for our freedom. It should not surprise us at the measures they are taking to silence us. But there are millions and millions of us. And that should be encouraging to all of us. We are not alone.

I read a very interesting article this week by Natan Sharansky. He writes of his experience in communist Russia and he says this. “Can you express your individual views loudly, in public, without fear of being punished legally, formally, in any way? If yes, you live in a free society; if not, you’re in a fear society.”[3]

We are becoming a fear based society. If we are to reclaim our freedom, it will be because people like us are willing to not submit to fear. It will not happen through concession. The unity we are being asked to join is nothing less than capitulation to their point of view.  As we move to reclaim honest elections and elect people who reflect our values, we should expect stiff and angry resistance. It will not be our anger that wins the battle. It will be determination as we move together, and standing for what is right and true justice. Do you really think the mandate to wear masks is about COVID? It is far more about fear and right now fear is what is being used to cripple and subdue those in opposition to their Marxist agenda.

We must become informed. Talk to your friends. Encourage each other. Join the New Patriot PAC. Follow the legislation in the State government and communicate with your representatives. Get on your representative’s email list. Let them know you are paying attention.  Don’t let them consign you to fear. Take off your mask. Talk to people.  Live free.

[1] Komo News’ Sequel To ‘Seattle Is Dying’ Looks At Homelessness Along The Entire West Coast, https://hotair.com/archives/john-s-2/2019/10/16/komo-news-sequel-seattle-dying-focuses-homelessness-along-entire-west-coast/

[2] https://thenewamerican.com/30-million-views-for-mike-lindells-absolute-proof-on-wvw-network-alone/

[3] https://www.tabletmag.com/sections/arts-letters/articles/natan-sharansky-doublethink

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Christopher Gergen

Founder / Executive Director

The New Patriot PAC is the premiere conservative PAC led by veteran political strategist, Christopher Gergen. The Culp for Governor campaign (the organization that is the genesis of the New Patriot PAC) raised and spent over $3.3 million in support of Loren Culp’s candidacy, broadcast  TV spots and radio ads, secured more individual contributors than Culp’s top Republican opponent’s combined, built a file of thousands of active, newly engaged conservative supporters across the state, utilized cutting edge technology not used in Republican Washington politics prior to 2020 and built an online community larger than the Washington State Democrat Party, Washington State Republican Party and the combined totals of all of his Republican challengers. The New Patriot PAC will be the ONLY PAC with field offices in the battleground areas with boots on the ground and the ONLY PAC running Spanish-language ads on TV and online.

The New Patriot PAC is committed to bringing people together and uniting them behind conservative values and the movement we represent.